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Peter Michalak

  • PhD Student Computing Science
  • Peter is a PhD student examining automated workload distribution and workflow modelling in IoT environments

Peter graduated as a Computer and Software Engineer from University of Zilina, Slovakia and University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä, Finland. Then, he worked as a Software Developer for Tieto Finland Oy in R&D department developing Telco grade cloud solutions with focus on automated deployment, high availability, and data analysis.

Peter’s research interests are within cloud computing, healthcare wearables, and distributed event processing. Currently, he is a PhD student, part of the CDT Cloud Computing for Big Data at Newcastle University's Digital Institute, where under supervision of Professor Paul Watson (Computer Science), Professor Michael Trenell (Healthcare), and Dr. Sarah Heaps (Mathematics and Statistics) is working on a tool for an automated workload distribution and workflow modelling in IoT environments.

Peter completed a placement at IBM, as part of his studeis within the CDT. 

Peter also enjoys travelling, playing badminton, swimming, and hiking.

Further information:

Twitter: @PetoMichalak

Linkedin: fi.linkedin.com/in/petermichalak