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Michael Dunne Willows

  • PhD Student Computing Science
  • Michael is a PhD Student in the first year of the CDT in Cloud Computing for Big Data.


Michael’s PhD topic examines Accelerometer-based data sets: long term monitoring of gait to evaluate the effectiveness of medication in Parkinson's disease.

Michael studied Mathematics and Statistics at Newcastle University. Previous experience involves an internship at the Wolfson Research Institute simulating disease spread in Sub-Saharan Africa and a six-month placement at the Department of Regional Medical Physics within South Tyneside District Hospital.

Find out more about Michael and his PhD by watching his research videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qskU6XAmRmw&index=30&list=PLH-UxM-Y15-LOcgvdHhavJbA1v7TZmFd8 

Main supervisor: Dr Alan Godfrey 

Credit to Thomas Jackson Photography and John Hill for the the research videos.