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Jack Aiston

Jack graduated from Newcastle university in 2014 with an MMath in Mathematics and Statistics.

Jack’s project is to investigate homomorphic encryption for cloud computing. Three research avenues have been singled out: applying existing homomorphic encryption techniques to build new cloud computing applications; designing new homomorphic encryption schemes that are specially customised for cloud computing applications; and investigation of encryption over non-standard algebraic structures.

Research interests: big data, group theory, cryptography and homomorphic encryption.                        

He is being supervised by Dr. Andrew Duncan (Maths), Professor Paul Watson (CS) and Dr. Feng Hao (CS).
His research interests are Big Data, Cloud Computing, Group Theory and Cryptography.

He spends all of his spare time playing video games.

Find out more about Jack's research here:



Aiston, J., 2016, Homomorphic encryption, Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference, 1-4 August 2016, Edinburgh. 

Credit to Thomas Jackson Photography and John Hill for the research videos.