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Addressing the Big Data Skills Gap

Professor Paul Watson, Director of the Digital Institute and Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data, highlights the benefits of training students in the area of Big Data analytics, in a recent piece for The Conversation. 

There is a skills gap within the UK economy, which we are addressing with our bespoke curriculum. This combines Mathematics and Computing Science and provide students with the opportunity to gain expertise in entrepreneurship and research skills for future employment. 

In addition we work with industry experts to tackle real problems. The Cloud Innovation Centre, set up with Newcastle City Council, is one way we then help to get these skills into other organisations in order to help transform their products and services.

Professor Watson commented: 

"If the UK is to succeed then we need many more centres that can train students in the right combination of skills, and set them to work addressing organisations’ real problems. If we do this then we positively can transform the vast majority of UK organisations, from manufacturing through to healthcare. If we don’t, then we will have missed this opportunity to raise productivity and so benefit the UK economy and society."

Full article available here

Last modified: Fri, 19 Feb 2016 14:34:59 GMT